Cobra USB team is living up their earlier promise and have started to beta-test a CFW v4.30 with their Cobra-USB users, so they will be finally able to enjoy their backup PS1, PSP and PS2 games again on Sony's latest PS3 firmware.

05 - 01 - 2013

Cobra-USB CFW 4.30+ News

Cobra users will be pleased to hear that the Cobra USB CFW 4.30+ is currently being BETA tested. We are pleased to confirm that the PS1, PS2, PSP and all other Cobra USB features have already been integrated into our CFW.

Thanks to all Cobra users for their patience and support.

Please note that PS2 games on non backwards compatible machines is no longer supported, since this functionality was removed in 4.30 OFW

The D/L link will be available in few days for all Cobra-USB users to enjoy!