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    ps3 PS3ITA Releases IrisManager 1.46.3 - Now Fixes 8001003C Error For Newer Games

    The Italian Scene Group Loves Fixing Up Bugs/Issues In Iris Manager

    PS3ITA has now released an update of Iris Manager, which now adds the Italian language to the backup manager, and it now includes the 8001003C fix for newer games that would fail to boot up in normal circumstances.

    Changelog (Google Translate)
    - Italian language added, thanks to Zz_SACRO_zZ
    - Added fix for the 0x8001003C error (incorrect version in sys_load_param). The error occurs in newer games/game updates such as Sports Champions 2 (thanks to Nicola for pointing out the error)
    NEWS SOURCE #1: Iris Manager 1.46.3 Released by PS3ITA - Fixes The 8001003C Error For Newer Games - PS3ITA
    NEWS SOURCE #2: [3.55/4.30] Iris Manager Release Thread - Elotrolado

    DOWNLOAD LINK #1- IRISMANAGER 1.46.3: IrisManager 1.46.3 (PS3ITA Commit) - PS3ITA (Direct Link)
    DOWNLOAD LINK #2- IRISMANAGER 1.46.3: IrisManager 1.46.3 - PS3SceneFiles (Mirror)

    SOURCE CODE LINK: IrisManager 1.46.3 Source Code RAR Archive (PS3ITA Commit) - PS3ITA (Direct Link)
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    v1.49.1 has been released

    And now the explanation for users:

    - Now to have an hour of downtime in Iris console off

    - As I said, in Iris temperature alarm: 90 seconds without the temperature drops below 80 ° C in either CPU or RSX and the console is turned off.

    - The addition of the callback Disc allows're not constantly checking whether there is a disc in and it allows the reader to rest.

    - Added support for redirection libfs.sprx: copy by ftp or via usb (usb :/ gets into iris) libfs_patched.sprx, which is generated by patch_libfs.bat (do not forget to put keys in the data folder!) And games like COD4: MW to operate from internal BD-Emu mount

    - In Tools (press START) the "Copy from / dev_usb / Iris to Iris folder" will make life easier to move things to the installation directory of Iris Manager. For example, if you put "covers" of Multiman within the USB folder, you copy your own content or libfs_parched.sprx we talked about. The option uses asynchronous copying to gain speed.

    IMPORTANT: This new option may damage the Iris Manager installation if not used with head, for logical reasons.

    NOTE: Obviously, there is no option to delete anything that is copied, except by FTP or pulling or uninstalling other programs (which will render the games settings, etc.)

    Versión 1.49.2 ... er-4-x.rar


    D_Skywalk, have additional notes


    - Fixed a bug in the BD-Emu assembly shown when certain disk changes (for example, contain certain PSX games, and put a BR drive later).

    - Removed patched libfs load when used BD-Emu from external disc (COD black screen 4: MW similar to that which occurred from internal thereby caused [+ laughing])

    - Added warning messages in shutdown functions (in one case in the other non-cancelable, for obvious reasons: if there is overheating, it will shut down by force XD)
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