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    ps3 Xbox 360 / PS3 / Wii disc changer shown at E3

    Creators say next-gen version is planned as soon as PS4 and XB1 is available

    Extreme Gamer is neat device that allows you to load up to 10 original discs, and access them via a menu on your console, and somehow the game data streams to your system via the USB and Ethernet port

    A strange and weird device appeared at this week's E3 show, and it is 'Extreme Gamer', an 10 disc-changer for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and the creators claim their device is 'legit', which we are finding strange as currently the model they demoed was for the PS3, and how do they get their 'copyright protected special software' onto the PS3 to allow streaming of selected 'game data disc' via the USB and Ethernet ports, all current knowledge points to they would have to be using an 'custom firmware', unless they found a new way to 'legit' hack into the brains of the PS3, this will be one device for sure to stay tuned to for more info, to see how they are doing their magic.

    The Extreme Gamer® is a multi-disc device that allows the consumer to load ten video games at a time into our console.

    The Extreme Gamer® uses copyright protected software to relay information between our device and the gamer's existing gaming console via ethernet or USB connection.

    Games will function as they always have except when it's time to change or switch games. The gamer will no longer have to physically remove the game that is being played, insert a new game.

    The Extreme Gamer® will provide the ability to switch between games via our on-screen menu. Our interactive menu shows the gamer what games are loaded and allows them to easily switch between games without having to physically remove the game, and insert a new game.

    • Patents pending technology
    • Copyright protected software
    • 10 disc slot load model
    • Easy to use, integrated on-screen menu
    • Versions available for: PlayStation® ( future versions X-Box® and Nintendo WiiTM)
    • Bluetooth optional connection
    • Blu-ray technology
    • Increased storage capacity - A developer's dream!

    OFFICIAL SITE: Extreme Gamer

    NEWS SOURCE: Xbox 360 / PS3 / Wii disc changer shown at E3 (via) EnGadget

    -=( Gary from O.P.A. / Your Master Phoenix Admin / MaxConsole / PS3Crunch / 360Crunch / PSVitaGuru / WiiUNewz )=-

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    that thing is bigger then te ps3 itself lol
    with the only function of holding 10 discs it seems a bit overkill...

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    Seems kind of strange that any of the big three would be okay with it. I'm also kind of finding it hard to believe that it works on a vanilla console through usb and ethernet.

    For wii, you can load games through usb, that isn't the problem. The problem there is that you had to use a backup loader on a console with homebrew channel. I haven't seen something like iso loading being done without that aid or some other modchip like the wode. This means that they either have hacked the wii for their device, or had Ninty COOP.

    Same thing with PS3. USB loading has been done, but on cfw, or with the upcoming ode's. And both were not liked by Sony due to possible piracy. I can't see Sony cooperating with this team when doing so might have opened up the console to hackers. Or perhaps on the other hand, because the console has already been bent over and spread, Sony just caved in and decided there wasn't any harm. Regardless I don't think it can be done on a normal ofw right now, Sony would have had to update or create a pkg for the customers of the product to make the ps3 work with the changer. That or it works on a cfw, making it useless to practically everybody as there is already superior cfw.

    For 360, it sounds a bit more plausible because you can already install your games to the hdd. Microsoft might not be as afraid of possible piracy (on 360) by helping this team create a working multidisc changer. The same problem with it not running on a vanilla 360 should still be there, meaning that either their 360's are hacked and this problem is inferior to not only hacked 360's but it doesn't even beat odes as those run more than just ten games. OR that the 360 gets some kind of official update or modification that allows it to interface with the changer.

    Some other thoughts: At the end of that article they mentioned they might work on a ps4 and xboxone version if they got their hands on one. Ps4 I can understand, but with the xboxone it would essentially be only to install more than one game at once and then leave it alone while it is installing. Other than that, it would seem a waste of money.

    Speaking of a a waste. The kid gamer in me might see this as a godsend, but the older gamer in me sees it as unnecessary due to the fact that I have hacked systems. All three systems play backups, and while I can be lazy, they suit that laziness just as much as this device. Not only that, but even without cfw or other hacked firmwares, there are odes that do essentially the same, but with iso files instead of fragile easily scratched discs.

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    Might be nice to rig this device to read any sort of optical/digital media. It would sorta look cool connected to all your consoles like some mutant disco machine.



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