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    ps3 PHAT HDD Encryption Info and v3.60+ Loader Keys

    The PS3 has taken another step towards being fully opened!

    One of the major problems still with the PS3, even after Geohot released keys and much more keys were released, there still was the mystery around how each PS3 uniquely encrypted their internal HDD

    Two major steps finally appeared today on the PS3DevWiki site, one credited to an group of anonymous unicorns, and the other to FlatZ.

    First: PHAT console owners can enjoy decrypting their internal PS3 HDD's, an work originally stated by Glevand but never finished, and previously updated by Flatz as an PoC, but now some rough tools have appeared that can as least do the job on PHAT consoles, now maybe in the near future there will be hope for those with Slim consoles.

    • On the PHAT consoles AES-CBC-192 is used for HDD encryption and AES-CBC-128 for VFLASH encryption.
    • So no tweak and tweak key here. Each sector is encrypted with the same zeroed IV.
    • VFLASH is encrypted once with ENCDEC key and zeroed IV!
    • Data key is of size 32 bytes but only the first 24 bytes are used for HDD and 16 bytes for VFLASH.
    • See also - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! (contains scripts of ENCDEC emulator for both types of consoles).
    Second: Since PS3 firmware v3.60 Loader keys have been encrypted and scrambled, but now the algo has been published and basic tool released that decrypts them.

    Starting with firmware version 3.60 loader keys have been encrypted. Look here for a tool that decrypts them. Besides that, there is an implementation of the cryptographic algorithm which is used to encrypt/decrypt lv1ldr from lv0 and root scramble key at the SPU side.

    NEWS SOURCE #1: HDD Encryption (via) PS3DevWiki
    NEWS SOURCE #2: v3.60 Loader Keys (via) PS3DevWiki
    NEWS SOURCE #3: v3.60 Loader Keys PHAT Console HDD Encryption (via) PS3Hax

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    atm you can only do this on a linux based machine. The wait starts for devs who can make easy to use tools on windows machines.
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