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    Miscellaneous PS4 Records the Last 15 Minutes of Gameplay

    Whereas the Xbox One will only record 5 minutes!

    The actual number of minutes that both next-gen consoles will record and allow you to 'share' online with your gaming buddies has been confirmed, with Sony at 15 minutes, and Microsoft at 5 minutes

    It been confirmed that Sony will indeed allow you to record up to 15 minutes of GamePlay to SHARE with your friends.

    It has also been confirmed that Microsoft will ONLY allow you to record up to FIVE minutes of GamePlay to SHARE with your friends.

    The exact number of minutes in which the PlayStation 4 will actively record, allowing you to then edit and publish that footage, has been re-confirmed as 15 minutes, clearing up any confusion over previous reports of ‘a few minutes‘.

    When you do hit that Share button on the DualShock 4, remember that developers can restrict certain elements of each game, as Shuhei Yoshida mentioned a couple months ago. This will likely just be for boss battles and major spoilers, but it will be done on a game by game basis.

    In case you were wondering, the Xbox One records just 5 minutes of gameplay, according to Ken Lobb, Creative Director at Microsoft Game Studios.
    Of course as noted above, 'Developers' (ie Third-Party) may restrict the usage of this SHARE feature so that certain stages remain offline and 'not-shared' to the world.

    Also no word yet if Microsoft is planning the same 'optional-restrict-feature' or if they will extend the FIVE minutes to an 'longer period' now that Sony has confirmed their system allows for FIFTEEN minutes of recorded gameplay sharing!

    NEWS SOURCE: PS4 Records the Last 15 Minutes of Gameplay (via) PlaystationLifeStyle

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    Probably M$ is scared someone still has the idea to buy their console after all the DRM stuff.. >.>



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