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    Post Problem with rebug 4.46.1 rex please help if you can

    Hello i have a problem with latest rebug rex cfw. Im on DEX mode and can't start my legally bought psn games neither connect to my psn account. Im changing my psid target to 085 (CEX) and yet it doesn't change anything.If i reflash my console to full CEX all is fine but i can't stay in CEX mode cause my BD is not working (burned out laser). I didn't had this problem with rebug 4.30.2 rex. Any thoughts?

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    I think you may have to re-assign them for DEX?? and, or different keys ?? To do that sorry cant help

    Sorry forgot to say i have the same problem with a few things as well. If i find a way i will let you know asap
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    As a work around you could try using the lv2 loader in the rebug toolbox to load the dex lv2Dkernel.self from the Rex pup instead of switching to dex. I guess you could also do the reverse (load the rebug cex lv2_kernel.self while in dex?) though I have never done it. I'm on 4.21 REX and loading the dex lv2Dkernel.self is ok, but I never tried playing any games with it.

    WARNING: Do NOT use the official lv2.self from official dex 4.30+ firmwares. Use only the one from the REX pup.

    from the toolbox release thread:
    Load lv2_kernel.self.[KERNEL_NAME] from USB or /dev_hdd0.

    I would name it something descriptive like lv2_kernel.self.CEX446 or lv2_kernel.self.DEX446. You have to load it each time you restart your console. It only pokes the lv1 path to lv2 in ram (not on the flash) and reboots lv2 (doesn't require changing target id).

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    Thanks for the replies. I can't seem to solve this thing. I think i ll go back to 4.30.2 till rebug team solve this. In the latest cfw even if you swap kernel from dex to cex the problem still exists. The only solution as i said is either to go on full cex (if your BD is working) or just go back to 4.30.2. Thank you guys if you do find a solution to this problem let me know please




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