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08-16-2013 08:38 AM
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08-08-2013 11:51 AM
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08-07-2013 06:41 AM
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DigiTopZ #2

Gateway 3DS - v1.1 Release - Multi-Region / Firmware Spoofing

Aug 21, 2013 - 2:23 PM - by GaryOPA
Gateway 3DS has been upgraded to v1.1, the flashcart now does Multi-Region and Firmware Spoofing!

The Gateway 3DS team has finished their testing of the new v1.1 update, and it has now been released to the public and supports multi-region and firmware spoofing on your Nintendo 3DS, amazing!

The world's first Nintendo 3DS flashcart, just got a whole lot better, less then a month after v1.0 release, now v1.1 is out and it adds the features of multi-region backup 3DS ROM, and firmware spoofing so you can play the newer games that need 6.2 while still on 4.5.

We would like to thank all our beta testers for their timely response and reporting.

Common minor issues we are aware of are:

  1. The lack of upper screen banner for some titles which trigger both region and firmware spoof requirements
  2. Some expected issues related to language fonts

There have been some unique reports of issues related to title exit or first GW3DS entry after installing the update. We believe these are either related to file fragmentation of the 3DS SD card or some users trimming the titles to fit on the red card's micro SD. Please make sure to try a new SD card for the 3DS as well as micro SD for the Gateway card together with a known good un-modified title, where possible.

Installation of the update is simple, download our release here: and simply replace the "Launcher.dat" file on the 3DS SD card. ENJOY !!


To find great deals on the Gateway 3DS and shipping to your local area, check out some of the resellers listed below:

OFFICIAL RESELLERS: ModChipCentral /// ModChipsDirect /// SHOP01media Europe /// FyyGame /// Digitopz /// OZ3DS /// 3DSTown

PLEASE NOTE: This is 'closed news post', reason is all active discussion regarding this piece of news can be found in the Official Gateway 3DS Support Forum, please see this thread to reply to this news item! -- Thanks!
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PlayStation 4 sets its date, and launch games

Aug 21, 2013 - 9:12 AM - by GaryOPA
Also PlayStation Vita is cut down to $199

Finally the PS4 has a date, it will be coming Nov. 15th in the North America markets and Nov. 29th in the Europe and Latin America markets, and the PS Vita has gotten an official price-cut, only $199.

For some reason I had a hard time getting online yesterday, as Sony broadcast live from GamesCom 2013 and they finally have set a date for launch of PlayStation 4, whereas Microsoft still has not officially set a date for their Xbox One console, but Sony is now launching on Nov. 15th in the USA and then two weeks later in Europe.

Plus the price-cut everyone has been waiting for has finally come to the PlayStation Vita at only $199, which is no big secret as most big box stores in USA already have been selling it at that price for over a week now unofficially as an 'sale'.

Sony hosted a media event at the Gamescon conference in Cologne, Germany, where it outlined more details of its release plan for the new videogame console. The device will still carry the previously announced $399 starting price tag - $100 below the Xbox One - and will roll out to European and Latin America markets by Nov. 29.

Microsoft hosted its own event for the Xbox One earlier in the day, outlining its slate of release titles, but giving no specific launch date. It has previously said it will launch the console in November.

For the PlayStation 4, Sony touted its own slate of launch titles. Twelve of these from third-party publishers will also be available on the Xbox One, including "Call of Duty: Ghosts" from Activision, "Battlefield 4″ and "Madden NFL 25″ from Electronic Arts and "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag" from Ubisoft.

On the exclusive side, Sony will launch three new PS4 games before the end of the year, including the popular shooter "Killzone: Shadow Fall" and a new property called "Knack." About 18 other PS4 titles will be available in digital-only formats on the PlayStation Store, including a version of the popular "Minecraft" from Swedish developer Mojang.

Also hoping to juice up demand for its handheld gaming business, Sony cut the price of its PlayStation Vita to $199. The Vita is designed to play some games with the PS4, so the move may boost demand for a key peripheral device heading into the launch.
NEWS SOURCE: PlayStation 4 sets its date and release slate (via) MarketWatch
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E3-Team releases another demo video for their PS3 ODE

Aug 19, 2013 - 5:04 PM - by GaryOPA
Development of the E3 ODE is moving along fast, with another demo video released today of it working with real games

It has only been two weeks since E3 Team released the first pictures of their ODE and already they got most of the design debugged and working, and today released another video showing their progress.

Here is the latest update from the team today:

E3 ODE DEMO run game successfully!

E3 ODE DEMO pictures released less than 2 weeks, the real game testing video has been released, compared with other PS3 ODE , the efficiency of E3TEAM is amazing!

Compared with the first test video with our PC, the E3 ODE DEMO speed has increased many times. E3TEAM will continue to optimize the operating speed.

And because E3 ODE processor is nearly twice the speed than other PS3 ODE processors, the final E3 ODE speed will be completely beyond other PS3 ODE.

A special emphasis on E3TEAM, the other PS3 ODE need to restart the PS3 or need to repeatedly pulling BD drive case when playing and switching game, these operations will seriously damage the life of PS3 or BD drive.

While the E3 ODE PRO unique technology, makes the user to completely avoid these risks, user playing the game and switching the game, without repeatedly restarting the PS3, also does not need to be repeatedly pulling the drive case, it protects the PS3 or BD drive life well.

This technology is E3TEAM exclusive research and development, and at present no other PS3 ODE has this function.

Again the E3 ODE PRO's official retail price is USD $79.80, and E3TEAM will be officially listing the unit for sale at the end of August.
Watch The Video Here: -->

E3-TEAM will release more details in few days, so stay tuned to the Official E3-Tech Support Forums for more info and news!


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Gateway 3DS - Unshackling The Shackled!

Aug 18, 2013 - 11:51 PM - by GaryOPA
Gateway team says their next update has moved to the beta stage

The next big update for Gateway 3DS flashcart that allows for multi-region and firmware-spoofing on the Nintendo 3DS has moved to the beta stage, so it will not be long now before a public release!

Here is the latest news update from the Gateway 3DS team:

REGION-FREE and FIRMWARE SPOOFING released to beta testers !!!

We are ecstatic to announce the beta release of our much awaited region liberator :-) All beta testers are kindly asked to feedback any issues in a timely manner so we can move the release to the wider public.

OSX fans :- We searched high and low for a suitable SD image writer and came up empty handed :-( therefore we decided to code our own tool for you :-) Please feel free to make use of our Mac OS 3DS SD Imager tool in place of the win 32 disk imager mentioned in our guides.

As always ENJOY !

NOTE: we are aware of compatibility issues with the iQue and HK units, rest assured work is in progress


To find great deals on the Gateway 3DS and shipping to your local area, check out some of the resellers listed below:

OFFICIAL RESELLERS: ModChipCentral /// ModChipsDirect /// SHOP01media Europe /// FyyGame /// Digitopz /// OZ3DS /// 3DSTown

PLEASE NOTE: This is 'closed news post', reason is all active discussion regarding this piece of news can be found in the Official Gateway 3DS Support Forum, please see this thread to reply to this news item! -- Thanks!
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FMCB aka (Free McBoot) v1.9 released

Aug 18, 2013 - 4:00 PM - by GaryOPA
It now supports the Protokernel consoles (with some issues), the HDD OSD and the PSX (DVR unit).

The next-gen version of FMCB v1.9 now supports the HDD unit (with FHDB, the HDD-enabled version of FMCB). FMCB v1.8C is to become the stable version of FMCB, until the v1.90 series is fully tested.

For those still enjoying the PlayStation 2 console, there is finally a newer version of the world-famous Free-McBoot, and it supports the usage of the Official Sony HDD add-on that alot of retro users have installed on their PHAT PS2 consoles, along with some more improvements and smaller size, but it still in the 'testing stage' so be prepared for small glitches and bugfixes over the coming weeks.

What is FMCB?

Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB) is a homebrew software which is designed to setup your PlayStation 2 console and provide you with a means of launching homebrew software, without the need for any extra hardware, modifications to your console or dangerous tricks like the legendary swap trick.

FMCB was originally developed by Neme and Jimmikaelkael, but they have been kind enough to provide me with access to its source code, for me to make some improvements to it.

What is FHDB?

Free Harddisk Drive Boot (FHDB) is basically FMCB that gets installed onto the PlayStation 2 console's HDD unit. It does everything like FMCB does, but is meant to be used with the Sony HDDOSD (Browser update v2.00).

Patched/modified copies of the HDDOSD may not work, although non-Sony disks are supported by FHDB itself.

***Whether the hacked HDD OSD supports non-Sony disks or not depends on whether it was modified to support non-Sony disks.***

Modifying or getting a pre-modified copy of the HDDOSD is not under this project, which is why that topic will not be discussed here.

What does FMCB v1.9 offer?

For mere humans:

  1. Smaller, faster and more stable. :P
  2. The HDD unit is now supported.
  3. The "Early Japanese"/PCMCIA units (SCPH-10000, SCPH-15000 and SCPH-18000) are fully supported.
  4. Chinese consoles are now supported (e.g. SCPH-50009).
  5. When you leave the CD/DVD tray ejected, FMCB/FHDB will not stall.
  6. Your play history will now be updated (The towers in the background of the "Sony computer entertainment" screen should continue to grow taller and greater in numbers)

Technical changes:

  1. Initialization code has been cut down.
  2. Some IRX modules (init.irx and chkesr.irx) have been removed (superceded by code that runs from the EE, like their Sony originals).
  3. DVD player selection code has been replaced with one similar to the one used by Sony.
  4. The console initialization code has been replaced with a Sony-like version.
  5. CNF parsing code has been optimized.
  6. The memory map has been adjusted slightly, so everything now fits below Sony's idea of "user memory" (below 0x00100000).
  7. Support for the Protokernel and all HDD OSDs have been added.
  8. (For the HDDOSD version of FMCB only) ELFs can be booted from any partition on the HDD. The format of the path is :. (e.g. hdd0:__sysconf_fs:/FMCB/FMCB_configurator.elf).
    This can be easily set using the included FMCB/FHDB configurator.
  9. The CD/DVD drive will now be stopped if a normal ELF is started (Under the assumption that most homebrew ELFs probably won't ever use the drive).
  10. The user's history file (the file which affects the towers within the "Sony Computer Entertainment" startup screen) will now be updated whenever Playstation/Playstation 2 game/software discs are launched, as well as DVD video discs.
  11. Reloading the OSD from within the OSD triggers a full reload of FMCB, because the protokernel OSDs seem to become really unstable after a few resets.
    (I couldn't find out why... so a full memory wipe and reload by the kernel is probably the best way to do it).
  12. The location of ESR will now be checked only when ESR is requested to be loaded.
  13. The embedded EELOAD module has been cleaned up, and loads at 0x00082000 instead (Like rom0:EELOAD does).
  14. FMCB has been split into two. The part of FMCB which remains resident will be copied into its place during runtime, allowing the initialization part of it to have the entire PlayStation 2 for initialization and drawing something nice on the screen (Not done at the moment as it makes FMCB quite a fair bit larger).
  15. Full support for the SCPH-10000 and SCPH-15000. Not only will it patch up the SCPH-10000 v1.00 kernel fully (Applies OSD argument-passing patch), it also includes its own HDD support modules and can act as a replacement for the Sony system driver update.
  16. Prototype support for the PSX. Its OSD is not supported, meaning that there will be no hacked OSD for the PSX.
  17. Supports non-Sony HDD units (Support for non-Sony HDD units within the HDD OSD/browser v2.00 update depends on the HDD OSD itself).
  18. New FMCB configurator program which supports the HDD unit.
  19. Added support for the Chinese consoles (Magicgate region 09, folder letter C. e.g. SCPH-50009).

Please read the included README file for information regarding limitations/known issues and other important notes!

Before posting/asking questions, please read this question and answer article which I spent a little time writing up: FMCB v1.90 release FAQ

Download Link: FMCB v1.90: FMCBInstaller_190_bin.7z
NEWS SOURCE: FMCB v1.9 series release thread (via) PSX-Scene
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