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    Miscellaneous E3 2013: Sony PlayStation 4 Press Conference Summary

    Sony finally shows what the PS4 will look like when it launches!

    And unlike the XB1, it stays upright, and is $100 cheaper then the XB1, as the PS4 is launching this 'holiday season' at only $399.

    Well it looks like Sony decided to take a leap into the price war, early by launching their next-gen console at only $399, which is $100 bucks cheaper then Microsoft, and another big plus is that there is no blocking of used games, and yet another plus it does not need to connect once ever 24hours, and there is still lots of cool games coming out for the PS4, along with more support for PS Vita, and still some for the aging PS3 platform, the only BAD news is PS4 costs money now to go ONLINE!

    Vita Games

    • God Of War 1 & 2 Remastered
    • Dead Nation
    • Flower
    • Walking Dead 40 Days

    PS3 Games

    • The Last Of Us
    • Puppeteer
    • Rain
    • Beyond Two Souls
    • Gran Turismo 6
    • Batman Arkham Origins
    • Grand Theft Auto 5

    PS4 Games

    • Music Unlimited
    • Video Unlimited
    • Crackle
    • The Order
    • Killzone Shadow Fall
    • Drive Club
    • Infamous Second Son
    • Knack
    • The Dark Sorcerer(Prototype)
    • The Witness
    • Transistor
    • Mercenary Kings
    • OctoDad Deadly Catch
    • Secret Ponchos
    • Oddworld
    • New And Tasty
    • Diablo 3
    • Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    • Kingdom Hearts 3
    • Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag
    • Watch Dogs
    • NBA2K14
    • The Elders Scrolls Online
    • Mad Max
    • Destiny
    And of course the biggest news is the complete USED GAMES LIBRARY SUPPORT, Sony even produced a cool video showcasing how it all works!

    Perhaps the biggest news post-console reveal here at Sony's E3 presser: the PS4 will play used games without any restrictions or authentication. In broader terms, that means that when you purchase physical media, that disc can then be traded-in at retailers like GameStop, lent / sold to friends or kept forever as part of your enduring library. What's more, unlike Microsoft's controversial Xbox One 24-hour offline gaming window, PS4 owners will not have to connect to the internet in order to continue playing games. Effectively, that makes the PS4 fully playable offline; it also arguably hands the E3 2013 crown to Sony. For a brief instructional (and intentionally cheeky) demo on how this used game process works, check out Sony's homemade video below.

    And here is Sony's Official Hardware Reveal Video:

    NEWS SOURCE #1: #E3 2013 Sony Highlights #PS4 (via) PS3Hax
    NEWS SOURCE #2: Sony PS4 will support used games: no restrictions, online check-in or authentication required (via) EnGadget

    -=( Gary from O.P.A. / Your Master Phoenix Admin / MaxConsole / PS3Crunch / 360Crunch / PSVitaGuru / WiiUNewz )=-

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    I love that instruction on used games!

    The PS4 is looking ok to me, nothing special but I like the fact that it's not roundish like the PS3. I would have hoped for something more unusual though.

    Oh, and there seems to be a little mistake in the list, there is Oddworld and New and Tasty listed, but I think those two are referencing to the same game called Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New N' Tasty! (!). And I hope this game is still getting a PS3 release now.
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    If it didn't have to be upright I'd consider one.
    Definitely a lot more appetizing than the XB1
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    It looks better than I was expecting, so many PS2 vibes. Smaller than I expected too.

    Highlight for me is Final Fantasy XV. I've never got into KH, but I might do when the HD re-releases hit, just so I can jump on the hype train for KH3. (and if they put Star Wars and Pixar characters in HOLY FUCK!).

    And love that reasonable price point.

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    Decision not to follow Microsoft's route is the best news I've heard this month.

    Good job, Sony, I'm going to buy it! Having to pay for online play sucks, but you didn't start it.

    Design looks quite practical to me, you can put it onto something, you can put something onto it, compact.

    And fruck ya, Microsoft!!!!!!!!!!

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    Looks good to me. I wasn't sure if I was going to get into the coming generation or not, now I know for sure I will buy a PS4 at launch. Pre-ordering today.

    MS and XB1 showed some killer games, sure, but yeah. It's got a lot of crap to deal with too.

    I've been gaming for 30 years, ever since I was a little kid with some pre-atari selector box. I was hooked then, and re-hooked now.

    Looks phenomenal.

    I'm honestly probably looking forwards to KH3 mostly. Lots of memories of my wife and I playing KH1 together, and enjoying ourselves. Even named one of our daughters after a character. Yup, we're geeks.

    As far as now requiring PS+ to game online, no biggie.
    Way I see it is this - they pay millions of dollars for servers, utilitites, payroll, operate the PSN. As long as they were giving it out free, I'd be there MORE than happy to take it.
    They change and decide to charge, well, as long as it's reasonable (which it is) than fine. They deserve to be paid for their labor and investment.

    Think about it. McD's one day decides to give burgers out for free. So every day you go get a burger. 6 months later, they stop, and decide to charge for burgers. Do you honestly stand there and bitch that they're not giving it to you free? Only if you're a selfish greedy fuck.
    If it were YOUR ("your" stated broadly, as in any member of humanity, not pointing anyone out) money, and people were bitching that you weren't giving it all away free to them, would it be right? No.
    So I wouldn't expect anyone to give me anything free.
    As long as the gravy train was there, sure. But once it left the station, well, it was good while it lasted.

    Anyway, way to go sony. Never thought I'd say that, but way to go.

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    if they are going to charge for online then they should not have online passes too, it should be in 3rd party licence that they cant charge for online passes , maybe give them a cut of the monthly PSN free based on how many people go online to play their games , the more players using PSN for their game the higher cut they get,

    and this seriously has to be the lamest, ugliest ,most uninspired generation of consoles ever

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