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    ps3 EXCLUSIVE: Cobra ODE - The Wait Is Over! - UPDATE: Official FAQ Released!

    NEWS UPDATE: June 21, 2013 - Official Cobra ODE FAQ Released

    The delays are over, The testing is done, Final version is ready, Amazing new features, Shipping soon

    After alot of delays, the wait is well worth it, and now the Cobra ODE is finally ready, and it unlocks even more things on your consoles, including full usage of 'homebrew' on the very latest of PS3!

    Well after the good news a few days ago that Cobra-ODE is finally ready, and it does 'homebrew' and works on all consoles including 4K Slims, there was alot of 'questions' from people on various forums, and the Cobra team has taken the time out to release a wonderful FAQ answering alot of those questions, including even the one about the 'gloves'. -- It is well worth the read!

    21 - 06 - 2013 /// Cobra ODE News - FAQ

    Following the announcement and video's confirming the release of the Cobra ODE is imminent we have been following the discussions on many forums and would like to respond to some of the questions and misinformation which we have seen.

    There has been a lot of positive feedback and excitement surrounding the device and we wish to clarify a few points so that potential buyers have a clearer understanding of the way it works and the functionality.
    Read the OFFICIAL COBRA-ODE FAQ via our the Official English Cobra-ODE Support Forum found right here on PS3Crunch!

    Here is their official PR from a few days ago with all the amazing, juicy details for the New & Improved Cobra ODE:

    14 - 06 - 2013 /// Cobra ODE Hardware - The Wait is Over!

    After a few months of additional research and development we are proud to announce that the Cobra ODE has been greatly enhanced, making the experience both easier and richer than before. In essence we spent the additional time from time of announcement and to ensure that we can deliver a far superior product.

    We have also added homebrew support as well as refinements to the hardware providing a much improved, quicker and easier installation method for 2K5, 3K and 4K users...

    Cobra ODE users can now run ISO's and homebrew apps from any PS3***, including previously "unbreakable" 2k5, 3k and 4k models! We have now removed the external UI commander since it is no longer necessary. Now you can browse and launch all homebrew apps/games and PS3 ISO's from the XMB.

    Once again, yes, by using with the Cobra ODE you can browse and launch homebrew apps/games and PS3 ISO's from the XMB via the Cobra ODE manager...

    The device is easy to install, use and upgrade too!

    Simply, Cobra ODE has re-invented the scene, breaking down the barriers once thought to be impenetrable...

    The device offers PS3 ISO's, homebrew apps and games, even on the latest 2k5, 3K and 4K systems and is fast and powerful enough to provide plenty of room for expansion of features in the future.....

    Production will now commence and stocks will follow to resellers shortly....
    Check out below the Cobra-ODE features and PS3 models supported below, along with some cool videos of it working!


    Remember PS3Crunch is also the official site for English support, and you can view the forum right here for more information!

    ModchipsDirect is a US based Cobra-ODE reseller and our official recommended reseller.

    • They ship to US customers from the US starting at only $4.5.
    • They also ship to Canada/Mexico via 2 day DHL for only $19.99.
    • The UK, Germany, Italy, France via 3 day DHL $24.99.

    To get $5 off and get a free extended 6 month warranty use code P3CCBODE5 at checkout.
    ModChipCentral has been in the scene since 2005.

    • WE do mods and repairs, installations and general sales.
    • We strive to have the best customer service!
    • Emails are all replied to, Exchanges are done If any item is defective.
    • We have competitive shipping rates
    • And you will not be billed duties or customs Within North America (Canada or USA)

    Check us out for your PS3 needs!
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    Very impressive development, absolutely impressive. This should help enormously for people unable/unwilling to downgrade to regrade for their upgrade to a new CFWding. They promise "homebrew", such as the Cobra manager, I wonder how far that homebrew capability can go...

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    so, you have to solder it ? and works on any firmware right ?
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII

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    Took long enough! I hope they make a ps4 one once its out.

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    Congratulation for Team Cobra-Ode for making 'modhip' for all console.

    I;m a little disappointed,
    inside cobra manager, after choosing the title game, we must turn off restart PS3, to go to XMB disc game icon.

    it is perfect, if inside cobra manager, after choosing the title game, goes to XMB disc game icon .....

    once again, Congratulation !!!!

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    I'll congratulate once it is confirmed to work on superslims.

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    yeah i mean if can run homebrew then why cant it use MMcm or MM ?
    or is this just for emulation mode? and you can use other managers in pass through mode?

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    Quote Originally Posted by themuse View Post
    yeah i mean if can run homebrew then why cant it use MMcm or MM ?
    or is this just for emulation mode? and you can use other managers in pass through mode?
    There is a difference between the "emulation" and "bypass" modes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra News Post
    Play games on SEN in pass-through or emulation modes**!
    **We cannot guarantee the longetivity of this feature owing to the use of homebrew app to achieve it.
    Emulation Mode = Allows you to "emulate" the BD-ROM drive thus allowing for you to use the Cobra ODE's features; such as external USB ISO loading and homebrew support. Running any sort of homebrew while either offline or online risks your console & user account being banned from SEN.

    Passthrough Mode = Simply passes the signal from the BD-ROM drive to the PS3 motherboard or BD-ROM drive controller (depends on your PS3 model) so none of the Cobra ODE's functionality works (except of course, allowing the signal to be passed through the device). So no USB loading and no homebrew. It acts just as your system would when inserting a normal disc into the drive.

    Now, if you use a "homebrew app to achieve" SEN access, then you risk being banned, but it is impossible to run a "homebrew app to achieve it" in "Passthrough Mode". Additionally, the Cobra ODE doesn't use a "homebrew app to achieve" SEN access. Due to the way ODE's work there is no need to do so. Any "homebrew app to achieve" SEN access would be run by the end-user.

    As for what homebrew is supported and the limitations (if any) we will have due to technical aspects of the homebrews interaction with the PS3 we do not know what you can run (homebrew wise) on the PS3 with the Cobra ODE not just yet.

    We don't know if you can run MultiMan or any other sort of USB loading homebrew app just yet. If any of the beta testers see this and know for certain, please do reply. I'd like to know either way and why.

    Does that clear things up a little?

    --- [ updated / more ] ---

    Someone brought up a good point that the statement "We cannot guarantee the longetivity of this feature owing to the use of homebrew app to achieve it." is poorly written. I believe that Cobra should state that using *any* homebrew app (including hacked or modded games) while offline or online in "emulation mode" will more then likely get you banned from SEN even if it is bad for the very teeny tiny amount of people who actually care if they can run homebrew to begin with.
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    Brakk3n, You're the one, who was making pdf review about 3k3y, right ?

    Thanks for 3k3y reviews.

    I'm waiting for your reviews about cobra-ode

    once again, thanks

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    when cobra says it allows homebrews on unhackables, just how far is possible to go with those homebrews? as in, what homebrews can we use and what homebrews aren't possible?


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