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multiMAN 04.46.01...
07-07-2013 05:31 AM
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07-07-2013 12:10 AM
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PlayStation 4 will...
06-29-2013 10:53 AM
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PS4 bundle leak...
06-28-2013 01:26 AM
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PS4 as dev-friendly...
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Homebrew Release:...
06-27-2013 01:13 PM
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DigiTopZ #2

Iris Manager 2.60.1 by ALEXANDER

Jul 11, 2013 - 10:43 AM - by Luca93xD
Italian developer Alexander of PS3MOD updated Iris Manager to version 2.60.1, bringing numerous innovations.



- Updated the Italian language
- Added Payload 4.46 to ControlFan
- Added Italian Language for ControlFan
- Added Payload for full compatibility with CFW 4.46
- Fixed Compatibility with CFW 4.46 Habib
- Fixed crash on startup on some models FAT of the Homebrew (Thanks GITAKA)
- Fixed minor bugs

Download link:!wRh3zSqI!Xfubsy...omAcorNMehpjGo

For more information, visit:
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Jul 11, 2013 - 10:05 AM - by Luca93xD
Italian developer Alexander of PS3MOD has released its CFW 4.46. For now it is installed only by CFW in the future no one knows.

LDZ _ERROX_logo.png

- Disabled the coreOs and control ECDSA
- LV1: patched to remove the protection LV2
- LV1: Peek & Poke
- LV2: Peek & Poke
- LV1: patched coreOs Hash Check (prevents the brick from the console downgradate not dehashed)
- Keys / Key 4.46 (Start play with 4.46 EBOOT keys / SPRX)
- PSN / SEN Allowed for return online
- RSOD Screen Bypass for consoles suffering from RSOD
- Compatibility with the latest version of REACTPSN
- app_home/PS3_GAME
- Install Package Files
- Compatibility with 999 Downgrader
- Can be installed by Rogero CFW 4.xx (It is recommended to RECOVERY)
- Can be installed CFW Rebug 4.xx (It is recommended to RECOVERY)
- Stability as in 'OFW 4:46
- It does not have any bugs

- Fixed some problems related to CORE_OS (Thanks To J-EnD)

- Fixed problem that created a wrong firmware version "x.xx on" some
console models 200xx series
- Fixed the start of Homebrew on some models FAT series CECHx
- Increased compatibility PSN titles
- Increased Compatibility PSX titles
- Increased compatibility for PS2 titles (Inserted by alpha 0.02) (Thanks DRAKO83)
- Increased compatibility with PSP games (Inserted by alpha 0.02)
- Fixed problem on Soft-brick console series CECH-2504A 1A datacode
- Reinstated the coreOs of RC1, the new CoreOS caused a number of serious BUG in RC2 on some models SLIM (Thanks Aracne01)

Tests carried out on:

- CECH-2001A ( SLIM 120gb )
- CECH-2501A
- CECH-2002B
- CECH-2001B ( 250gb SLIM )

Special thanks to:
LUCA (me)

Download link CFW 4.46 LDZ FERROX by ALEXANDER RC3!NQoBWITQ!bg88mV...M1o5mTKpBj5udU

MD5 RC1: d620c90fdbe974b510dd2efbbf5f7291

MD5 RC2: 3E4F520C7C13CC6F1BDEC53F721E07AE
MD5 RC3: 6472961e7f602fd26b3c5a41e6c4db09

For more information visit:
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PlayStation TV --- What could it be?

Jul 10, 2013 - 11:05 AM - by GaryOPA
PlayStation TV: A new Trademark filed by Sony

PlayStation TV name appears on Trademark documents after Sony submits a Trademark application for 'PlayStation TV' on June 26 of this year.

For some strange reason, Sony has to re-apply for the 'PlayStation TV' trademark, that they originally did back in 2006, but drop plans for it, and no one has commented from Sony on it, and no more info is available besides the above mockup logo.

All we know it is labelled as an 'service', so does this mean they are re-thinking plans now that PS4 is more powerful to add an actual TV service to it, since XB1 is planning on being a TV hub in your living room, this move by Sony might give them an edge for those sitting on the fence between the two next-gen consoles, deciding if they want a game-only PS machine, or a all-in-one entertainment Xbox.

IGN reader StargamerX has uncovered an interesting trademark application from Sony for something called PlayStation TV. Note that it's also filed as a service mark, meaning that it's intended to be a service (think Netflix or HBOGo).

The application -- created with the United States Patent and Trademark Office -- was filed very recently, back on June 26, 2013. The trademark was last altered three days later, on June 29th.

The new application, filed in late June.

Interestingly, a previous, "dead" version of the PlayStation TV trademark can also be found. That trademark was filed back in September of 2006 and officially abandoned almost six years later to the date, in September of 2012. Both seem to revolve around a simple mockup logo, as seen above.

The original application, filed in 2006.

There's little to indicate what PlayStation TV could be, or is. The application makes note that the filing, which originated with Sony's home office in Japan, doesn't make claim of the term "TV" but rather "PlayStation TV" put together.

We've reached out to Sony for comment and will update when we hear back. In the meantime, you can read the full application here.
NEWS SOURCE: PlayStation TV: A new Trademark filed by Sony (via) PSX-Scene
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DEX v4.41 firmware gets leaked - REX Coming Soon...

Jul 08, 2013 - 1:42 PM - by slarty1408
It seems DEX FW 4.41 is out in the wild, as akela posted on Tortuga-Cove last night a sendspace link and MD5, and its been confirmed as legit DEX v4.41 PUP.

Please people with 'converts' MUST hold off as it this WILL brick your system, but don't worry Team REBUG will be releasing REX soon, as they had this PUP in their hands for a while, long before today's leak.


Contents of This Package

:Update Data

Changes in Release 441.001

<System Software (GUI)>
- The update data for debugging station has been updated at the same timing as the release of the system software 4.41.
This update does not affect titles. Also, there is no change in the system software GUI.

[Known Issues/Restrictions]
<Check menu in the Game column>
- Validation of a media or the file system itself cannot be performed from the Check menu in the Game column.

When submitting a master disc, make sure to verify the disc that no error is present using the Disc Image Generator for PlayStation(R)3 or
the Disc Image Checker for PlayStation(R)3.

- When performing the check from the Check menu in the Game column, if the number of result files exceeds approximately 80 to 100 depending on each check item, the file entries of the root directory in the USB mass storage run out and the subsequent check result files may no longer be stored. In such case, move the check result files to another directory.
Team REBUG posts an update regarding this leak, that it is indeed LEGIT, and REX is coming soon:

Quote Originally Posted by cyberskunk
It is legit.. MD5 matches the one we got about a month ago.. REX has been 'almost' ready for that long to but I have been very busy with other non-PS3 things.

Wont be long though..
Download links: MD5 Hash: 62ac9ddd2659678e064ceb767dc9a729


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PS3ITA Manager 1.20 Released To Support 4.46CFW, and Includes Portuguese Language

Jul 07, 2013 - 5:36 PM - by gDrive
PS3ITA updates the Iris Manager-powered manager to support 4.46CFWs

PS3ITA Manager has been updated by PS3ITA to now support 4.46CFWs, including the one from the Tortuga-Cove regular member Habib. In addition to the backup manager supporting 4.46CFWs, this version now includes the 8x4 grid to display up to 48 games at once and the Portuguese language has been included in this release and lastly, the Fan Control Utility that is built into the manager and controls the system's internal fan has been updated to perform on 4.46CFWs.

CHANGELOG - v1.20, 07/07/13

New Features:

- Added Payload 4.46.
- “Control fan” now also supports the cfw 4.46.
- Added, in the “Video Setup”, option “Screen set: Grid 8×6″. This allows you to display 48 games on one screen.
- Added the Portuguese language.


- Now in the “Video Setup” you can change the different grids while remaining in the same menu, without having to return to the screen of games every time.
- All languages ​​included are upgraded to version 1.20 with 20 new lines translated (Persian language excluded).
- Other small changes/additions made in the source code.

Problem fixed:
- PS3ita Manager now automatically fixed the error 0×80010009 also in the update games.
Because of an small error, the fix for update games was not working in the previous version of manager.
NEWS SOURCE: PS3ITA Manager 1.20 Released - PS3ITA (via PSX-Scene)

DOWNLOAD LINK - APPLICATION PACKAGE: PS3ITA Manager 1.20 - PS3ITA (Direct Download Link)
DOWNLOAD LINK - SOURCE CODE: PS3ITA Manager 1.20 Source Code - PS3ITA (Direct Download Link)
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